Start your Funeral Plans for as little as SCR80 per month

Funerals can be costly, when you consider the cost of service (including pamphlets, buses), flower decorations, headstone, casket, funeral homes and plots or cremation facilities, especially if you are the only immediate next of kin.

Sacos launched the Funeral Insurance Plan in 2020 to assist families with such costs and it is one of our most affordable insurance plans to-date. For example, for people aged between 60 and 65 years of age, a SCR15,000 cover can be as little as SCR125 per month and a SCR30,000 cover can be SCR182 per month.

Sacos offers different coverage limits with the Funeral Insurance Plan. For example, you can choose a SCR30,000 cover limit, amongst others, if this meets your preference. 

Can other family members be included in the plan? Yes, you can add other members of your family under the same plan for a nominal amount. You can include your children, spouse and/or parents (even if they are elderly). As the policyholder, you will be considered as the main member of the policy but each family member on your plan will be entitled to the same coverage as you. For example, if you take out a SCR45,000 cover, this same amount will be available for the funerals of each family member on your plan. 

How does the Funeral Insurance Plan work? You pay a monthly premium based on your cover limit, age, family members on your plan etc. In the event of a passing of a person in your plan, included yourself, the payment will be made to the beneficiary or directly to the funeral home of your choice. As an added bonus, you stop paying the monthly premium at the age of 75 but you are still covered under the plan.

How do you make a claim for the Funeral Insurance Plan? We recognise that when you make a claim under the Funeral Insurance Plan, you are already going through a difficult time. Sacos has therefore simplified the claims process for the Funeral Insurance Plan. The claimant (main member or beneficiary) can submit the claims form within 24 hours of the death occurring. Sacos Insurance Group will effect the payment within 48 hours of receiving all the documents. 

Does Sacos cover all types of death? There are specific terms and conditions to the policy which you can discuss with a Sacos representative. Overall, Sacos covers 100% of the cover limit from day one of the plan in the case of accidental death. Sacos covers 50% of the cover limit if the insured person passes away between the 6 month and first year of the plan. Sacos covers 100% of the cover limit after a full year of the plan being taken. Our plans are very inclusive and covers death related to all types of illnesses, including COVID-19 related deaths and other pandemic.

For more information on the Funeral Insurance Plan, call us on 429 5000 or send an email to You can also find more information on our website.

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