The death of a loved one brings a collective moment of grief for the family and friends left behind. For some families, this unimaginable loss is compounded with financial anxieties and stress.

For this reason, Sacos introduced the Funeral Insurance Plan last year to assist grieving families with the financial burden of funerals.

An affordable plan

We saw the necessity at the time to ensure that the plan was affordable for all Seychellois. For example, a person aged 30 – 39 years could pay as little as SCR91 per month for a SCR30,000 plan. 

A flexible plan

We also saw the need to provide people with options depending on their payment capability or the type of service they foresaw for themselves or their loved ones. Our clients have four options to choose from and the option they choose for themselves is also open to their loved ones. For this reason, a person could add their spouse, children or parents on to their plan.

A hassle-free plan

Our priority was to ensure that you could easily buy the plan at any point in time. We, therefore, do not ask you for any medical examination prior to the purchase. You simply complete the proposal form, pay your first premium and voila you and your loved ones are covered.

A compassionate plan

With an understanding that funerals are stressful and an already painful time for all involved, we have ensured that our claims process take no more than 48 hours.

An all-inclusive plan

Although terms and conditions apply, our plan covers almost all types of death, including death from COVID-19. 

The Sacos Funeral Insurance Plan is the most sensible choice for you to make.

If you want to choose Sacos Funeral Insurance Plan, call us on 4295000, send an email to or request a quote via our website.

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