Safety and insurance: A Guide for Road users

As part of Road Safety Week, we are raising awareness on safe driving, vehicle fitness and insurance protections for yourself and your vehicle.

Here are some essential safety and insurance information which can help you:

1. Road Collisions
Collisions can happen at any time on the road (or in parked areas) without warning and at times in completely avoidable circumstances. A number of these collisions happen due to reckless driving or miscalculations by drivers.

While mistakes can be as simple as a fender bender, some can result in very serious damage and injury to the car and its occupants.

The Comprehensive Motor Insurance provides the driver with coverage in the event their vehicle is damaged following an accidental collision. It also covers the secondary car if the primary driver is the at-fault party. The coverage includes the cost of retrieving the vehicle, repairs or compensation, if totaled.

The Third Party Only Insurance only covers damage caused to the secondary car in the collision.

Safety TipAvoid distractions while driving. Pay attention to road signs.

2. Bodily Injury or Death
Sadly, some road accidents result in death or serious body injury. Unfortunately, alcohol is one of the leading factors in such fatalities and casualties. 

The Comprehensive Motor Insurance provides coverage to the occupants in the primary driver’s car and parties from other involved vehicles, in the case of bodily injury or death.

The Personal Accident cover provides coverage in the event of death and bodily injury to the insured or any authorized licensed driver.

Safety TipHad a drink or two? Save a life by calling a friend or a taxi. Or have a sleepover.

3. Liability and Representation
Road accidents can lead to the driver facing very serious legal consequences. This is especially the case where the accident is between a driver and a pedestrian.

The Comprehensive Motor Insurance indemnifies the driver against legal consequences by covering the cost of legal representation and compensation.

Safety TipAvoid driving over the designated speed limit. Keep your speed to 30km/h (or lower where instructed) in residential areas.

4. Property Damage 

The Comprehensive Motor Insurance provides coverage in the case of property damage caused as a result of a car accident.

Safety Tip Conduct regular service check to ensure vehicle road fitness.

For more information on our Comprehensive Motor Insurance, call us on +248 429 5000 or send an email to You can also request a car insurance quote from our website.

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