The Sacos Junior Plan is now available for your newborn

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful and magical moments in the cycle of life. As you welcome your little bundle of joy into this world, we have added one more benefit to the Sacos Junior Plan for your babies.

Parents can now secure a life insurance for their children from the day of their birth.

What does it mean?

You no longer have to wait until your child is one year old to purchase a Sacos Junior Plan. You can buy a life insurance for your child at any time until their tenth birthday.

Are any documents needed?

A birth certificate, national ID card and/or passport is sufficient to identify your children and your relationship to them.

Are there limits on the sum assured?

The sum assured depends on various factors such as age, health and income. You can discuss with your agent or one of our sales team on an appropriate sum suitable to your wishes.

How to buy a Sacos Junior Plan?

Contact us on 4295000 or speak to one of our local agents.

Email us at

Request a quote via our website.

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