Have you prepared a savings plan for your child? Here is how we can help you!

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. The unimaginable. The unthinkable. What will happen to my child after I pass?

It is more than just worrying about who will raise and love them in your absence, as painful as that realisation is; for a parent, there is also a concern for their future.

What funds will they have to sustain them in their daily lives? Will they receive a daily allowance for school? Will they be able to buy their preferred snacks or be gifted their presents of choice? It feels mundane compared to the grief that will accompany the loss of a parent at a young age and yet it’s part of the little things that make life…life. We understand.

Beyond worrying about how they will cope with their daily lives, there is also their future.

Every parent aspires for the best for their child. To be able to pursue their education, to follow their professional careers, to start their business, buy their first car, build their house and so on.

For many lucky enough to have those opportunities, their first handout has almost always been from their parents. From their first deposits, the savings account, inherited land or some other inheritance, their parents have been important contributors.

If you were no longer around, who would assist your child with their aspirations.

The Savings Plan!

A savings plan is your best answer.

It is a helping hand even in your absence. A show of love and concern for their future long after you have left this world, quite prematurely.

The Sacos Junior Plan perfectly addresses the concern of a savings plan against the realities of an early death.

With the Junior Plan, your child will receive the full sum assured at the time of maturity or even if you pass away or become permanently disabled during the policy term (before maturity).

It does not matter if you have only paid SCR10,000 thus far in insurance premiums, your child will still receive the SCR250,000 in full upon reaching the age of either 18, 19, 20 or 21. This is possible only if you have not missed any of your insurance premiums.

If your child was to pass away during the term of the plan, as a parent you will receive the full sum assured if the child had reached the age of six upon their passing. A death before that age would see the parent get a percentage of the sum assured according to the schedule of the life insurance policy.

With that in mind, give us a call today on 429 5000 or send an email to life@sacos.sc to learn more about the Sacos Junior Plan. You can also visit our website for more information or to request a quote.

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