Why you should take out Mortgage/Credit Life protection insurance for your Secured & unsecured loans

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When it comes to borrowing from a financial institution you will usually have two options: Secured or unsecured loan. For both types of loans, you are obligated to repay the full balance even if something happens to you. Sacos Mortgage/Credit Life protection is here to provide you and your family the financial security and therefore pays off your loan should you become permanently disabled or pass away before your loan is settled. So how does this work?

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Sacos main sponsor to the Cancer Association for the Brave The Shave Event, Praslin, 30th november 2019

Friday, 29 November 2019

Sacos is proud to be the main sponsor to the Cancer Association through K-Radio “Brave The Shave” event, which will be held on Praslin, Saturday 30th November 2019. Our employees continue to support the Cancer Association and its fight to find a cure against cancer and, in return, we are committed to continue giving back to this cause.

The Cheque Handling Ceremony was held at the Sacos premises on Thursday 28th November 2019 at 3.00pm with the presence of K-Radio and the Cancer Association representatives.

Sacos sponsored SCR 114,000.00 to the Cancer Association as it is committed to making the fight against cancer a priority among its plans. We believe that if one person can battle cancer, then an entire nation can rise up to defeat it. “Cancer is a tough disease which can affect anyone and It is one of the areas that we would like to contribute to, to ensure that everyone gets the necessary medical treatment” said Ms. Morel, CEO Sacos during the presentation. “We will do whatever we can to help as a company and we are happy to contribute to the cancer association as it’s a worthy cause” she concluded. On her part Mrs. Mrs Tasianna Bossy, the Chairperson for the Praslin branch of Cancer Concern Association, thanked Sacos for its contribution toward their cause “It is heartwarming to see that there are people who are still passionate about health and is committed to make a difference in the life of people in need” she said. “We are indeed so thankful of the generosity of Sacos and this contribution will help us to fulfil our dream project of the Hospice on Praslin”.

Brave the Shave_Sacos_K-radio_Sylvie

With the collaboration of partners, volunteers, and generous donors, Sacos is prepared to engage in this fight for as long as it takes to defeat this terrible disease.

We look forward to building mutually beneficial, ongoing relationships with the Cancer Association that continue to leverage our mutual strengths and provide strong benefits to all.

Sacos continues to follow one of its corporate values of being socially responsible by giving back to the community.

Win big with Sacos’ Mortgage Life Insurance Festive Giveaway!

Press Release_Mortgage Protection promo with Sacos_October 2019

Imagine this:  Dubai is lit up for Christmas, with shopping malls pulling out all the stops with special snow ball zones, festive corners and games. Sound like somewhere you would like to be this upcoming holiday? Us, too!

With our new insurance promo, you stand the chance to win a return ticket to Dubai when you buy your Mortgage Life Insurance Plan with Sacos Insurance Group between the 18th October and the 18th December 2019.

Our Mortgage Life Insurance Plan is designed to help pay off your mortgage upon your passing during the period of the policy., saving your loved ones from worrying about debts and financial burdens that was initially not their own. And because we care so much about our customers, as an added bonus we are giving away a FREE Fire only Insurance Policy for your home with any new Mortgage Life Insurance Plan of SCR700,000 and above!

Get in touch with us ASAP before the 18th of December in order to be eligible for our promotion. The big prize giving ceremony will be on the 23rd December. Call us on 429 5000, send an email to info@sacos.sc, or complete your details on our request a quote https://www.sacos.sc/here-for-you/credit-protection-insurance/ and an officer will get back to you. Sacos here for you!

Purchase your “Mortgage Life Insurance” with Sacos and stand a chance to win a return-ticket to Dubai and get free fire insurance for your house*!

Monday 21st October 2019

As part of its Festive Season give-away promotion, from the 21st October 2019 to 18th December 2019, all customers who purchase a new Mortgage Life Insurance Plan with Sacos, will not only stand a chance to win a return ticket to Dubai in our 23rd December draw, but also get a Free Fire Insurance Policy for 1 year, if their sum assured is above SCR700,000.

The Sacos Mortgage Life Insurance Plan offers credit protection coverage, the purpose of which is to settle your insured debts with the respective financial institutions in the event of Total and Permanent Disability or death. This ensures that your family will not be burdened by your debts in case of your disability or demise. The Fire Insurance plan on the other hand, provides the minimum protection for your investment in your house in case of fire, lightning and explosion.

Press Release_Mortgage Protection promo with Sacos_October 2019

Why should I Buy a Mortgage Insurance?

When it comes to protecting one of your most valuable assets, a mortgage insurance is crucial in case something unfortunate happens to you. There are two main options for protecting yourself: you can either take out mortgage life insurance protection specifically to cover your mortgage or secured loan repayments, which have been taken to build/purchase your new home, refurb your current home, invest in a business / in your or your child’s education, purchase a new car, and more, or get a credit life protection insurance to cover small-unsecured loans.

Your mortgage is probably your biggest monthly outgoing. If you were unable to work due to disability or death, you or your family would still need to make the repayments for your ,loan or you would risk losing your assets. Sacos mortgage life insurance plan is here to protect you and your family!

Visit/Call us or one of our agent/broker not only to protect yourself, your family and your asset but also for your chance to win with Sacos! You can also visit our website https://www.sacos.sc/here-for-you/credit-protection-insurance/ where you can get more information on our product or request a quote.

Sacos Here for you.

Paquerette Lablache is the winner of the 2nd Sacos’ “great travel insurance giveaway” for 2019!

At the beginning of July 2019, Sacos, in partnership with Air Seychelles, Avani & Berjaya, launched its’ second “Great Travel Insurance Giveaway” promotion for customers purchasing a Travel Insurance Plan between 1st July and 1st September, with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of getting a Travel Insurance Cover when travelling overseas, whether for business or leisure. Having a Travel Insurance has become an essential part of travelling. It not only acts as a safety net against the risk of incurring unforeseen medical expenses but also safeguards against other travel related emergencies that could spoil a person’s trip such as trip delays, loss of passport or luggage, and many more.

The lucky winners of our second promotion received their prizes today, Friday 11th October at Sacos Head Office and Ms. Paquerette Lablache walked away with the Star-prize of a return ticket to South Africa, which was presented by Ms. Brigitte Appoo, Head of Sales at Sacos & Ms. Elsie Hurst, Corporate Relations Manager of Air Seychelles who co-sponsored the ticket. Ms. Lablache understands the benefits and protection that the Travel Insurance can offer during an overseas trip and for the last 2 years, she always ensures that she purchase her travel insurance from Sacos. Indeed, she stated, “nowadays it is becoming very tough when you travel, as you can be involved in any accidents. You are leaving your family behind and you do not know what can happen to you while you are travelling, it is therefore very wise to take the travel insurance to feel secure.” “People should not think twice to purchase the Travel Insurance!” she continued, “ I am very happy and feel very secured and safe when I purchase my Travel Insurance from Sacos”

The other winners of the promotion were: Ms, Emmelyn Porice, who won a night stay on Half Board at Berjaya Praslin Beach, Ms. Richelle Jean, who won a one night stay at on BB at Avani Resort & Spa, and Ms. Valerie Ah-Weng who won dinner for two sponsored by Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort.


“We are happy that through our promotions travellers are becoming more conscious and appreciate the need for them to take insurance cover when they travel” said Ms, Morel, CEO of Sacos “ I would encourage others to ensure they are protected when they travel – after all one never knows what can go wrong” she continued. “We will continue to provide our clients the protection needed, in partnership with Mapfre, our internationally renowned insurance partner, which operates worldwide and therefore provides immediate assistance for our client, wherever they are” she concluded.

Since January this year we have had three lucky travellers who have won return tickets in our “great travel insurance giveaway” as well as other prizes and that included return ticket to Mauritius, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.


To encourage more people to take a travel insurance, Sacos is very happy to announce our next travel promotion, which will run for the period 12th September to 18th December 2019 with the prize giving taking place on 23rd December just in time for the festive season. To encourage travellers to protect themselves when travelling, all individuals who purchase their travel insurance with Sacos during that period, whether travelling for leisure, business or studies will go into the draw and have a chance to win the following:

  • A return Ticket to Dubai + SCR 5,000.00 Allowance,
  • One night for two on Half-Board at Silhouette Hilton La Briz Island Resort and Spa,
  • A Voucher for a Dinner at La Scala Restaurant amounting SCR 2,000.00.

The Sacos Travel Insurance covers medical and emergency assistance expenses up to USD 100,000.00, offers a return ticket and accommodation for a family member to your holiday destination in case of hospitalization, and it covers trip delays, loss of passport or luggage, as well as legal defence, thus providing a worry-free trip for the travellers.

Visit our branches at Victoria, Praslin & Providence for your travel insurance or contact us on 4295000 or visit our website
https://www.sacos.sc/here-for-you/travel-insurance/ for a quote or for more information.

Sacos Here for you.

Taking care of our people! Sacos organises outing for the elderly

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-24 at 20.01.12On Saturday 24th August Sacos organised an outing for the residents of the elderly Home at Anse Etoile. The aim of the event was to provide a memorable day and an opportunity for the elderly to enjoy themselves in a stress free environment outside their residence, as some have not been able to go out of their home for a couple of years. The event was grounded in culture and provided a catalyst for the elderly to reminisce the good old days.

The event was organized in phases, the first phase being a road trip from the home throughout the northern region of the island from Anse Etoile through Glacis and Beau-Vallon to Victoria. The participants were excited to view the outside world beyond the home. With a smile plastered on their face, the elderly crafted the journey to Domaine de Val des Prés Craft village, where they had a chance to explore the village to their heart’s content. The village excursion also provided an opportunity for the elderly to stretch their legs and rejuvenate after an extensive trip.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-24 at 19.39.08

At around midday the elderly made their way to the Ballet residence for a private lunching hosted by Mrs. Ballet. The attendees were greeted with welcome drink made from freshly squeezed fruit. During lunch time the attendees were spoiled for choice, as an array of Creole dishes were served as the “pièce de résistance” accompanied by traditionally made desert. As the afternoon progressed, Mrs. Ballet had a few surprises up her sleeve, whereby a symphony of traditional melody was played much to the elderlys’ amusement. From there on the festivities only flourished as the attendees danced the “Kanmtole” as if their feet had a mind of their own.  As the event drew to a close the participants were served lemon grass tea to quench their thirst.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-24 at 20.02.46

To conclude the day, all the elderlies received a gift basket from Sacos, while other participants received memorabilia as a token of our appreciation, after which farewells were exchanged and the elderly made their way back to the home. Sacos remains a major supporter of the pillars of the community and enjoyed sponsoring the event.