The one thing you didn’t think to get before you travel!!

Passport? Check.
Luggage? Check.
Money? Check.
Travel Insurance? Um…


Very few of us think to get travel insurance before travelling, and are left in a tailspin when something goes wrong. Let’s face it; even the best-laid plans often get derailed. Be it a delayed flight that has left you stranded, lost luggage, loss of passport, you name it. What do you do? Contact your travel insurance company!

Essentially, travel insurance is emergency care when things unpredictably go wrong, like when your luggage is lost by the airline, or you catch a parasite overseas… Or you need to cut your trip short because a relative has passed away.

Kind of like health insurance?
Yes, but not quite. True, medical components for sudden illnesses and accidental injuries are covered but it also covers other aspects that health insurance does not, like trip cancellation or interruptions etc.

So… you’re saying I should get travel insurance?
YES! And here’s why: Travel insurance is a safeguard against the unexpected and we should all have some kind of health/property insurance when traveling. Irrespective of all preventive measures you might take, things are bound to happen that is beyond your control. To have them happen when you’re not covered could cost you thousands.

Okay, understood. So what are some of the things Sacos travel insurance covers?
Depending on where you are travelling and the package you opt for, we cover medical expenses, hospitalisation abroad and repatriation, travel of one immediate family if you are hospitalised for more than five days, the emergency return home following death of a close relative, repatriation of mortal remains, losses, delays, trip curtailment and cancelations and 24 hours personal assistance service including legal defence. Of course, it is always best to contact us to determine which plan best meets your needs.

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