Just how much is your house worth for you?


So you’ve just finished building your house and surely, no matter what kind of house you just built, it was quite costly. Would you be able to afford to start over again in the event of a disaster? This is where insurance comes in.

Did you know that our Householders Policy has not one, but TWO components?! There is a building cover and a home contents cover. What’s the difference you ask? Well, the building insurance as its name suggests provides compensation to damage caused to permanent fixtures such as bathroom, wardrobes and kitchen as well as the bricks and mortar of your house. The home contents insurance covers assets such as your television, refrigerator, articles of clothing and jewellery and other items you consider valuable. If you do not own a house and you a tenant, you are still eligible to get covered under a home contents insurance.

It is easy to dismiss the necessity of buying home insurance because no one wants to believe anything bad will happen to him or her. But for those that have unfortunately gone through that process, they can tell you just how financially and emotionally overwhelming it is. Surely, it is worth knowing that one of your biggest investments is safeguarded, and should something actually happen, you will not be left unprotected having to start from scratch.


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