Something all employers should have…

image 5

…a liability insurance!

A liability insurance indemnifies your business from the risk that it may be sued and held legally liable for something such as malpractice, injury or negligence arising out of your business activity.

Mishaps happen and you can never predict when it will hit your business. When it does happen though, often times the injured or affected can hold your business accountable and demand for damages. A payout by a small company can prove critical to the sustainability of the business, but even a payout by a large company can affect business performance for the year.

Here’s the thing though, a wise business person will mitigate the impact to the business by sharing the risk with an insurance company. This is what a liability insurance will do for your business. We have different types of liability insurance including: employers’ liability, public and product liability, professional indemnity and directors and officers liability.

Contact our office or your broker for more information!

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