Why full comprehensive cover is actually cheaper than third party!

full comprehensive cover

Ask anyone and they will tell you that they went with third party cover because it was cheaper. However, we can tell you that in the long run, the ‘cheaper’ cover might turn out to cost you a whole lot more! How is this possible, you ask?

Under a third party cover, damage to your car resulting from an accident will not be covered if you are at fault. Your cover will only pay for damage caused to the other car. This means that you will end up covering your own repairs and replacement costs. However if the other party accepts liability it will be covered.

You will also not be able to have a ‘loss of use’ option under your coverage. If your car is still in the garage and you definitely need a car to go about your business, you will have to bear the cost of renting one on top of the additional costs you are already incurring.

Comprehensive cover may sound expensive, but if you look at what the potential costs you may acquire if you get into an accident, a third party cover is actually more expensive to you in the long run!

What is your recourse, you may ask? Be more prudent, avoid any situation which may potential lead to an accident. Even better – consider getting a more comprehensive cover as accidents can happen at any given time.

If you think you may benefit from a full comprehensive cover, talk to one of our officers about upgrading your insurance policy


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