Regular car maintenance can reduce road accidents



A lot of road accidents can be avoided if vehicle owners undertake proper vehicle maintenance. By being vigilant and taking good care of your car, you can help contribute towards road safety, and avoid potential costly repairs to your vehicle. Here are our top 5 tips!

1. Check your wiper blades
You’ll be surprised at how often this is neglected! Clear visibility is crucial for safe driving, and because wiper blades wear out over time, you need to perform regular checks to ensure they are up to standards so as not to impair your visibility.

2. Invest in good tires
Any good mechanic will tell you that your tires are your first line of defence where accident prevention is concerned. While it is tempting to go for the cheaper tires and save a buck or two, we recommend investing in reputable brands with good safety reviews. We also recommend regular inspection. Look out for tears, cracks and/or deflation.

3. Conduct regular service on your brakes
Alongside tires, brakes are fundamental to vehicle safety. Being able to stop in a safe and timely manner will keep you, and other motorists and pedestrians safe from harm. It is therefore crucial to have them serviced regularly to ensure they are working as effectively as they should.

4. Ensure your lights are working properly
Many accidents have been the result of indicators not functioning. As a driver, you need to ensure that your indicators, head and taillights are functioning properly as they are critical to avoiding accidents; especially during the rainy periods when visibility is obscured.

5. Check The Electrical System
Do not ignore warning lights. Always carry out a maintenance check. A bad battery can leave you stranded in the middle of the road, and a defective electrical system could cause your car to stall or operate incorrectly when driving. Things to look out for are cracks in the wiring and corrosion on the battery terminals.

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