Safety tips for scooter owners


You have now made a smart idea on becoming a scooter owner. You can navigatate through the morning and evening traffic much easily. You did not have to blow a big hole in your savings to get a ride. More importantly, you have chosen a more environmentally friendly way of moving around.

Get this! You still need to be extra conscious of safety tips. I know you may have heard this all before, but there is no harm in being reminded:

1. Wear a helmet
Always wear a helmet when riding your scooter. It will protect your head from heavy impact in case you fall. If you have other protective gears, don’t be shy to wear them too.

2. Don’t cut off drivers
On a scooter, you have more flexibility to whizz in and out of traffic, but you should be careful not to cut off other drivers. They might not see you coming and they might brake too late. In an accident against a car, you are more bulnerable.

3. Give clear signals
Just because you are not in a car, does not mean that road regulations don’t apply to you. You should signal when making a left or right turn. Others behind you, will know your next move.

4. Be careful when overtaking parked vehicles
Some people are less conscious about other road users. As people can be unpredictable, you should always assume that the doors of a parked vehicle can open at any time – both the driver’s and the passenger’s side.

5. Potholes are not your friend
Potholes are dangerous for any road user, but may be more so for you. Make sure thst you avoid them as much as possible.

6. Wear visibility gear at night
Visibility is worse at night for anyone, don’t be shy to wear a neon gear to protect your life. It’s just for a few minutes until you get to your destination.

7. Make sure all your lights are working
Be sure to check your lights constantly to see if they work. Other road users will know that it’s either a scooter or a bike and they will be more careful as they navigate around you.

8. Don’t speed
Yes, it’s only a scooter, but speed is still important. If visibility is not good, adjust your speed in order to manage yourself better. If visibility is very poor (raining extremely or very foggy), avoid taking out your scooter altogether.

9. Stay alert
Do not be distracted. Watch carefully what other road users are doing. Keep an eye out for pedestrians as they can be very unpredictable when crossing. Be mindful of others when around school zones, residential areas, town and roundabouts.

10. Don’t ride under the influence
Just don’t do it.

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