Who will you cheer for in the Semi-Finals?


Congratulations to the final four, you have made it, against all odds. You have eliminated all your competitors and you have knocked out some big giants to get here (looking at you, Belgium).

For the majority of us, our favourite teams have already been eliminated. Do not be dejected. The World Cup comes around once every four years so do not be ashamed to root for a new team.

If you need help to pick a team, here is what you should consider:

France is already a proven champion, having won the world cup once before in 1998. They are well due for a second one as they’ve come quite close to winning in the past. France boasts the likes of Mbappe, Pogba, Griezzman and Dembele and honestly, other truly awesome players.

Belgium is FIFA’s third ranked country and they are one of the most well-rounded team in this world cup. They have yet to take a defeat in this tournament and they have the likes of Lukaku, Fellaini, de Bruyne and Hazard. Belgium has never won the cup before and this may be their year.

England is the favourite who never truly makes it, but not this year. This year, England has proven to be a formidable opponent after a convincing win against Sweden. They have some true star qualities in Kane, Sterling and Rashford. England has also won the cup before and maybe this time it’s coming home once more!

Croatia is the real underdog here, having appeared in five tournaments only. Yet, they’ve had a pretty good run this far, beating Argentina 3 – 0 in the group stages. They also boast some really good players in Modric, Rakitic and Kovacic.

If you’re still having trouble picking a side, look at it this way:

  • Are you still sour? Then support the opposing team because the enemy of your enemy etc etc… Like supporting France because you’re still mad Brazil lost.
  • Do you have a newfound respect for the team which out-bested yours? Lend your support to Belgium because what they did was phenomenal.
  • Do you have an irrational hate for a team? Support England if you just cannot explain your sudden hate for Croatia.
  • Do you love a good underdog story? Just support Croatia, they’ve been incredible.

The world cup comes around once every four years, so don’t miss the semi-finals tomorrow. Also, spread love and not hate. It’s just football.

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