Why Sacos invests in sport

Running at the Beach

As we approach the end of the FIFA 2018 World Cup tournament, we want to take a quick look at how Sacos has contributed towards the development of sports in Seychelles and why we do it.

Who we support
For many years now, Sacos has consistently supported the sports sector in Seychelles. We have focused our interests on basketball, volleyball, swimming, darts and fishing, amongst many other fields. We proudly sponsor teams like Premium Cobras, Premium Spikers and Premium Throws, all proven champions in their respective fields.

We assist the National Sports Council, the Seychelles Swimming Association, the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club and various sports associations as and when they reach out. We place our focus on school-aged swimmers as we believe in building skills and promoting new talents from a very young age.

How we support
We extend our support according to the needs of the teams, associations and sports fields. We have been sponsoring an annual swimming inter-school championship hosted by the Seychelles Swimming Association. We sponsor medals and trophies for the winners and provide support for the logistical needs of the championship.

Sport teams have various requirements, such as training equipment (cones, nets, balls etc.), uniforms and shoes for players which we provide to them. We also provide them with a running budget allowing them flexibility to meet their expenses in order to advance further in their league games.

We provide financial support towards special tournaments, as well as attires for referees and other officials. We award prizes to the National Sports Awards second place winners and we insure the SSFC’s SCR1 million grand prize.

Why we do it
We do it because we believe in sports. We believe that sports can bring people together and help shape communities. We believe that new friendships can grow from team spirit. We believe in the talents and skills of our young people. And we believe that by providing them with a stepping stone there is no path through which they cannot travel.

Sports is not only competitive; but by the simple nature of it requiring physical acts, it enables us to remain strong and fit. We can tackle many of the common health challenges in Seychelles by engaging in sports activities such as swimming, running or jumping. Anything that gets your blood pumping, your oxygen flowing, is good for you. Sports is also mental. It requires thinking, logic and strategies. It is fitness for your brain and helps you to expand your mind.

Sports brings people together. It is a great way to keep youths from dangerous substances, from engaging in illicit activities or from idleness. Whatever your status in life, a simple game with your friends and people from your communities can lift up your spirit. It also brings joy to sports fans and pride to your family and members of your community. This is why we do it.

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