Felicitation la France!!!


After 20 years, France is crowned the winner for the second time in FIFA World Cup history.

The French team gave an awesome performance last night, undoubtedly deserving of being called a world champion. There were many heroes during the night, but a notable moment was a beautiful goal from Mbappe who now becomes the second teenager to score in a world cup final (first being Pele, of course). We congratulate all the goal scorers for making the finals an exciting one to watch.

Let us take a moment to also congratulate Croatia for an awesome performance. They cannot be accused of not playing their hearts out. We also congratulate Belgium for coming in third place during its clash with England. We are certain that after this tournament, Croatia and Belgium has gained new fans in Seychelles.

England’s Harry Kane also won the golden boot award for scoring six goals during the tournament. Although coming in fourth, this has been a great tournament for England and we look forward to what they have to offer in the years to come. All in all, this made July a great month for us.

If you now do not know what to do with your life, go outside and play some friendly football with your mates. If you got into a world cup feud in the past weeks, go and make up with your friend. If you have forgotten about your insurance, check if it has not lapsed and be sure to renew your coverage.

Now, let’s just countdown to Euro 2020!

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