Burglar-proof your front door


Learn more about how to protect your house from burglars. Your front door is your first line of defence against burglary and you should pay particular attention in order to protect your home.

Install a deadbolt lock: A deadbolt lock automatically locks your door when the door is shut. This means that no one can enter through your door from the outside without using a key, even if you forgot to lock your doors. There are two different types of deadbolt locks. The single cylinder deadbolt locks your house from the outside only. The double cylinder deadbolt automatically locks your door from both the inside and outside. The double cylinder lock is especially useful for doors which are close to windows. It prevents burglars from opening your lock after breaking the window.

Use security strike plates: The strike plate is the metal plate attached to the wall on the opposite side of your door. It allows the door jamb to lock into place when the door is closed. A security strike plate is stronger than a regular strike plate as it improves a door’s kick-in resistance. It is also a more tactile security feature as burglars are less able to manipulate entry by using blunt objects.

Use steel door frames: Many times locks give in because of the deteriorating state or general weakness of the door frames. By using a steel door frame or replacing your worn-out door frames, you can make it much more difficult for burglars to gain entry into your home.

Add a secondary security door: A retractable burglar’s bar is more practical for your sliding door. If you have a regular door, you can also consider a security screen with strong frames and quality locks to be placed on the outside. These act as a second layer of barrier between your home and a burglar.

Get a solid, strong front door: In order to deter people from kicking in your door, you need to have a sturdy, tough door. You do not necessarily need a steel door, as many wooden doors will do the trick. Just be sure that the door cannot be easily broken. A simple trick will be to knock on the wood so you can get a feel of how hard or hollow it is.

Light up your doors: Install bright lights near your doors. Make sure that you leave them on when going out at night. Burglars will be more deterred when they see lights. A sensory light by your doors will likely also startle would-be thieves as they would think they have been spotted.

Add a spyhole and a door chain: When someone knocks on your door in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, you don’t need to open your door to check who it is. Add a spyhole on your door so you can see who is calling on you at such odd hours. If you know who it is but are not comfortable with fully opening your door, add a door chain to prevent immediate access.

Don’t block your front door: Be sure that you do not have any materials, plants, shrubs, blinds blocking your own view of your front door. You do not want to provide burglars with a blind spot to lay in wait for you.

Get a home insurance, as you will need it in the event of a burglary or worse.

2 thoughts on “Burglar-proof your front door

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