Back to school reminders


Holiday is over and already we are back to the school routine. The stress is as much real for us as it is for our children. It’s also traffic o’clock and late clock-ins at work. As you are getting accustomed to the old routine once more, we have some reminders to help you and your child get re situated better.

Good manners
The first thing our children should learn is good manners in the school environment. Remind them to say good morning to their teachers, say thank you and please when appropriate. Also important, to use manners when addressing their schoolmates. If you bump into someone, the correct thing to do is to apologise and “excuse me” if you need to pass. Let’s start showing our children good manners early so we don’t run into trouble later on in life.

Classroom etiquettes
Proper etiquettes in the classroom go a long way in making the learning environment more conducive. Teach your kids at home the proper way to behave in a classroom and teachers will reinforce those principles at school.  For example, raise your hands before speaking up, respect other students, do not laugh or snicker when someone makes a mistake, keep the room clean and tidy after use, sit properly, listen attentively etc. Your child will be much better off in a safe learning space. It is important that they understand that they cannot and will not be tolerated for breaking and damaging school properties.

Morning pep talk
A morning pep talk can shape the rest of the day for your child. Your pep talk can be about your expectations (both yours and the child’s), some much needed encouragement or some imparted wisdoms for the day. It is much better that the child goes to school in good spirits than in a bad mood. If they have done something to earn your ire (forgot to do yesterday’s homework), it might be more prudent to save that scolding for later. You want your child to be in full concentration mode the entire time but you might wish to encourage them to focus more.

Waking up early
You probably need to get to work early but someone is dragging their feet around. Tip 1: Get them to bed early! If they want to give you a hard time in the morning, then they cannot stay awake past their bedtime. They shouldn’t be anyways. Tip 2: Use alarm clocks. Be extra cheeky and get those noisy ones. Tip 3: Make them get ready the night before. Uniforms pressed, shoes ready, home-works in the backpack and bags packed. Tip 4: Let there be light. Open the curtain or switch on the lights. Tip 5: Make as much noise as you can. Switch the telly on or play your radio. Your child’s body will understand the difference between night and day.

Healthy eating
For maximum concentration, it is essential that your child is having a healthy snack at school. It can be a home-cooked meal or school meal. Add fruits as desserts. If it’s helpful, give them their favourite fruit. Sneak in vegetables in their sandwiches. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, whatever you can get away with. Remember, too much sugary stuff can affect their concentration. Be mindful of how much you give in terms of lunch monies, you should consider what they are getting their hands into before school or afterschool.

Class in session
The most important part of their school life happens in the classroom. This is where they are imparted with the knowledge which will help map out their futures. Unfortunately, you are not present for this part and they are entirely on their own here. What you can do nonetheless is encourage them to concentrate in class. Things you can pass on are: question what you do not understand, clarify instructions, help a friend, ask a friend, finish all your work, attempt all exercises, read carefully, double proof your work, write legibly, keep your work clean etc.

The important lessons and wisdoms we pass to our children will help shape them into great men and women as they go into adulthood. These are investments that we make into our children in order to equip them with the tools to manage their adult lives later on.

Sacos offers parents the opportunity to invest in their child’s future with the Sacos Education Plan. For more information on the product, call us on 429 5000 or email us at 

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