Why choose Double Security Plan over others

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For many of us, choosing the right insurance plan may not be that easy. Sacos has different plans that suits different stage of a person’s life and ideally, once you know the details of all our plans, you will be in a better position to select the one which suits your needs and circumstances. This is why we have assembled a list of reasons why the Double Security Plan may be more convenient for you:

You are the head of your household:As the head of the household, your family relies on you to make all the important financial decisions. You sort out the bills, the rent, groceries and savings. Upon your unfortunate demise, your family will now have to wade through all of the complicated and stressful matters, you used to take care of for them. By getting a Double Security Plan, can ensure that they will not have to needlessly worry about rent, bills and mortgage in your absence.

You are the majority income earner in the house: As the main or majority income earner, your contrbution to the household’s purse have been invaluable. Because of you, your family has never needed to worry about money or food. You were able to provide for them all. If you pass away, however the household income will decrease. Your family will now have to make do with only one income. The Double Security Plan ensures that your family will not feel the loss of the income after you pass away, although they will still sadly miss you.

Your family enjoys a good standard of living: Because of you, your family has to-date enjoyed a very good standard of living. You have a nice car, a comfortable home and your kids have been attending private school or enjoying extra tutoring and other extra-curricular activities. There is no need for them to lose all of this in the event of your sudden passing. By getting a Double Security Plan, you will allow your loved ones to continue to enjoy the same standard of living as they had, when you were present. They will not have to drop out of private school or worry about their college fund because you had it taken of when you were here. There is no need to sell the car because it is too costly or move to a smaller house with lower bills because you thought of everything.

The Double Security Plan doubles the sum assured on your policy upon your unfortunate death or Total and Permanent Disability. If you took out a SCR 500,000 policy for you, Sacos will pay your family SCR 1 million if you passed away or became permanently disabled before the maturity of your policy.

This is why you choose the Double Security Plan.

For more information on the Double Security Plan, contact us on info@sacos.sc or 429 5000.

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