Insurance needs for the festive season


Now that the festive season is around the corner, you need to take a quick stock of your insurance needs. Hey now, you’re thinking, what does insurance have to do with festivities? EVERYTHING! Since we are Debbie Downer, let us run through a quick check list:

  • Insurance expiry

Naturally, because we are fun-loving human beings, our minds are packed with thoughts of and anticipation for parties, new attires and shoes, jolly music, colourful lights and adorned trees, drinks, great food and awesome gifts. The last thing on your mind is “insurance”. But woe to you if your insurance expires around the festive season. So, take this month before the season comes to check your due date. Do not let insurance expiry sneak up on you. Better yet, if you take care of it before the season arrives, it won’t matter if you forget about insurance come December.

  • Pay your premium early

Maybe you are not so forgetful about your dues. After all, you are very hands on with your household matters. But maybe you are a splurger like the rest of us around the festive season¯\_(ツ)_/¯  and you might just find yourself a little cash strapped come January. If you think your spending will go out of hand this year, come visit us and see how you can settle your premium early.

  • Drunk drivers and bad insurance

Yup, the inevitable drunk-driving incident will happen during the December-January period. Not that it doesn’t happen year-round, but you should be especially attentive around this time of the year. The worse part is where their insurance does not cover a whole lot. Even worse, if their claim is not accepted by their insurance provider because they were drunk. The last thing you want to worry about is car repair.

  • Not enough insurance coverage

You might want to take a quick look at your own insurance policies. If your insurance is not enough to cover all eventualities, you might find yourself unlucky around the festive season. Things to worry about are burglaries, fires, floods, underinsurance and no insurance. You may want to ensure that your home insurance is broad and that it covers fixtures as well as contents. Check to ensure that your home insurance covers the value of your home and its contents. If you had new renovations, you might want to come back to us to have those added to the value of your insured assets. If you are a third-party insurance holder, you might want to upgrade that to a comprehensive policy. It is better to have full protection for yourself and not just for others. If you do not have any insurance, here is a list of useful ones for the festive period: householder insurance, fire insurance, travel insurance, motor full comprehensive insurance and personal accident insurance.

  • Improve your safety and security

Unfortunately, as well as being the most jovial time of the year, for many it is also the most traumatic. Families have lost loved ones due to preventable accidents. Homes have been ravaged or partially damaged by fire as a result of overload in electricity or sub-standard electrical appliances. Houses have been broken into by opportunistic thieves. The rainy season in January has also contributed towards a lot of home damage, road accidents and personal injury. Take this time to improve the security of your home. Install a new lock and alarm system. Ensure your car is in good maintenance. Double check your appliances and electrical sockets at night. If you leave your lights on, make sure there is no overload and remove fire hazards. Check your fire alarm if it is working properly.

You might just want to avoid unnecessary hassles by sorting out all your insurance needs before the season hits. Allow yourself the time to enjoy the festivities without money-problems in January. Visit us at our new location in town or call us on 429 5000 or send an email to for more information on all our insurance products.

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