My business premise has been burgled, what do I do?

Being the victim of a burglary can be devastating, and in the midst of all the chaos it is easy to forget what to do under the circumstance. We’ve compiled a short list of thing you may need to remember, if ever you’re in the unfortunate position of being the victim of a commercial burglary.

Call the police
This goes without saying, but as soon as you discover your property has been burgled, call the police! Not only will it start the investigation, but also you will need the police report if you are going to file a claim with your insurance company.

Don’t touch anything
While it may be tempting to start cleaning up, fight the impulse to. The police need to see everything first, just as you found it. It’s always a good idea to take some photos of the damage and the places where things have gone missing to show your insurer.

Once the police have visited the crime scene and recorded any evidence they need, you can start putting things away.

Make an inventory
Make an inventory of everything that is missing, and where possible collect any evidence you have about the items that have been taken from your property. These could include receipts, valuations and even photographs.

Contact your bank
 Check to see if any financial documents have been stolen. If they have, you should inform the bank(s) you hold accounts with so they may monitor any suspicious account activities. Ensure that you can conduct business without worrying that the criminals will bankrupt you by freezing any accounts which you suspect have been targeted.

Contact your insurance company
If you had the forethought to take out a fire and special perils comprehensive policy, then contact us! Note that your claim will only be valid if there is proof of forcible entry against your property and your premises was properly secured. Remember to submit a police report alongside your claim.

Do not wait to become a victim before you decide that business insurance in necessary.

Pay us a visit at our new location in town, call us on 429 5000 or send an email to; we’d be more than happy to help you determine which policy cover is suitable for your business.

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