Sacos rewards promotion winners!

Since 2018 you may have noticed one or several Sacos pop-up stalls at various locations. We have been working tirelessly to bring our services closer to you, our esteemed clients, and have since started a flurry of road shows, mobile information desks and reward programmes!

This month, three lucky winners were fortunate enough to win back their annual Motor Private Comprehensive Insurance Premium from Sacos Insurance Group; Mrs. Doris Mancienne who has been with Sacos since 1971, Richard Talma who has been with Sacos since 2011 and Emma Valentin are the first winners for this first quarter of 2019.

Sacos’ aims to award a total of twelve customers with their annual Motor Private Comprehensive premium  this year, in draws that will be taken on a quarterly basis. The next draw will be on 31 July 2019.

Thirteen winners were drawn from a list of all existing Motor Private Comprehensive and Taxi customers this quarter. Runner ups did not go empty handed and were awarded with Sacos branded gifts, emergency car kits, first aid kits, sunshades, mobile phone holder, car USB charger, beach stools and cooler bags.

The promotion is a continuation of the 2018 campaign which sought to thank loyal customers for choosing Sacos Insurance Group as their primary insurance provider, and also to raise awareness on the benefits of Motor Private Comprehensive Insurance.

“We would like to keep up the awareness of the importance of insurance to everyone in general. Knowing that Motor Insurance is compulsory, we only deem it fair that we reward our long time customers” says CEO Jennifer Morel. The first quarter’s winners have expressed their shock and satisfaction over their wins. Mrs. Mancienne, a loyal customer since 1971, has just retired this year and was shocked to learn that she had won. Mr. Terry Assary, a loyal customer since 2011, is a second time winner of the draw and expressed his hope that he eventually wins back his annual premium!

Get your insurance from Sacos… our next lucky winner could be you!

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