What happens if your friend drives your car and gets into an accident?

Whatever the reason, you may find that someone else drives your motor vehicle from time to time. But what happens if they get into an accident? Will your insurance policy cover the damages?

This depends on several factors:

If a driver does not have a valid driving license, no insurance policy claims can be approved. But it goes a little further than that.

Under a third party cover, damage to your car resulting from an accident will not be covered if your friend was at fault. Your cover will only pay for damage caused to the other car. As for your own car, you or your friend will have to cover the repairs and replacement costs. Your costs will only be covered if the other party accepts liability.

But with a fully comprehensive cover with any authorised driver (this must be stated in your policy)  both motor vehicles may be covered even if you were not the one driving. If you’re not sure whether it is stated, you may want to go over your insurance policy first before you let someone else drive your car.

It is also worth bearing in mind that there are a lot of high-risk drivers out there (teenagers, drivers under the influence…) so you may not want to hand your keys out to just anyone, especially if you only have a third party insurance cover.

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