Content insurance for apartments

Many tenants and apartment owners believe that getting a household insurance is not a necessity as the structure of the building does not belong to them. Only if life was ever that simple.

Sadly, fires, floods and thieves do not discriminate on the ownership of the building structure. The contents of the apartment belonging to the tenant or the apartment owner will still be damaged or destroyed in a fire or flood. And thieves are even less likely to try and steal kitchen fixtures!

Undoubtedly therefore, you would need contents insurance to protect your personal items from these unforeseen events. The home content insurance protects high value items in your household.

These include:

  • Electronics such as TV, washing machine, fridge, oven, computer, stereo system etc.
  • Furniture such as sofa sets, beds, dining room furniture, detached wardrobe etc.
  • High value jewellery such as wedding rings, watches, necklaces, earrings etc.

When purchasing a home content insurance, a designated evaluator will help to evaluate the worth of the contents of your home.  The total coverage of your content insurance will be based on the estimated value derived by the evaluator.

It is important to note that the home content insurance does not cover natural wear and tear and accidental breakage of your household contents.

Contact us for more information on the home content insurance.


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