Worldwide Plus Travel Insurance – get fully covered during your next big getaway

Wordwide Insurance

Traveling to America, remote places around the world, or multiple destinations? The Worldwide Plus Travel Insurance is the best travel insurance plan to cover all your unexpected needs during your next big getaway.

The Worldwide Plus is more or less similar to other travel insurance plans, except for some critical differences.

  • Higher medical coverage

It provides you with up to USD100,000 coverage for medical expenses, hospitalisation and repatriation. Hospitalisation can be quite costly depending on where you have traveled to. A higher medical coverage will ensure that your financial expenses are sufficiently covered should you fall sick or are injured while overseas.

  • Coverage for anywhere in the world

It provides coverage for most of the countries in the world. Whereas our other plans are dependent on the region you are visiting, the Worldwide Plus Travel Insurance plan is not limited to any particular region. It is ideally suited for multi-journey trips. Nevertheless, there are certain exceptions that may apply and it is best to discuss with your broker or one of our officers on these exceptions before you purchase your insurance.

  • Covers loss, delays and curtailment

Many people plan their trips well in advance and opt for non-refundable options for a better bargain. However, due to unforeseen circumstances (illness, a death in the family or any unforeseen reason), plans may end up being cancelled ahead of the trip. For this reason, the Worldwide Plus provides coverage for curtailment, ensuring that you are able to recoup the majority of your expenses already paid. In addition, it provides you with coverage for expenses incurred as a result of loss and delays.

So, there you go. Travel with peace of mind and comfort. If you are planning for your next big getaway, contact us for more information on the Worldwide Plus Travel Insurance.

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