Traveling to South Africa, Mauritius or any country in Africa? What you should know

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If you’re traveling to Africa this holiday season, here is what you should know:

  • The most amazing wildlife

Going on a safari is one of the great must-dos if you are traveling to countries such as Tanzania and Kenya. Who needs zoos when you can observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Be sure to follow the advice of locally certified guides when visiting national parks. Most importantly, be extremely cautious and respectful of wildlife. Take pictures from a safe distance.

  • Beautiful landscapes

Some of the most unique and beautiful landscapes can be found in Africa, especially in countries like Madagascar and Zambia. There is no doubt that nature’s stunning creations will leave you jaw-dropped. Research areas carefully before visiting and make sure you wear comfortable and appropriate footwear for your visit. Be sure to travel in groups and use licensed operators for sightseeing.

  • Great shopping experience

Most people from Seychelles travel to countries like South Africa or Mauritius for a broader shopping experience than what is available locally. Aside from the various malls, there are other natural local shopping areas that will provide you with a taste of the local culture. Nonetheless, always be mindful of your belongings in crowded areas and avoid going to remote areas you are not familiar with.

  • Illness, injury or any other medical assistance

Many Most countries do not provide free health care service to visitors. If you fall sick or are injured in an accident whilst overseas, you will have to bear the full cost of the medical expense. While health care is free in Seychelles, it does not extend to bills you incur while you are traveling. In some cases, hospitals may refuse to treat you if you do not have insurance, even when you have suffered significant injuries. This is extremely risky and can lead to fatal outcomes if you do not receive urgent medical assistance because you are uninsured.

Travel Insurance – Africa plan

Your Travel Insurance – Africa plan provides you with coverage for your medical expense and hospitalisation abroad (in an African country) from EUR10,000 to EUR50,000. If you are hospitalised for more than five days, we will cover the travel expense for one immediate family member to be by your side during your hospital stay.

In the event of the death of a close family member, we will cover the cost of your emergency return home. Should you unfortunately come to your passing whilst on your overseas trip, we will cover the expense of repatriating your mortal remains home. This will spare your family from the financial burden of bringing your body back to Seychelles. In addition, we provide you with coverage if your luggage or passport is lost or stolen and offer 24 hour personal assistance service.

Traveling to African countries is no more risky than traveling to anywhere else in the world. It is your individual responsibility to ensure you remain safe and you observe local norms and safety tips. However, accidents and mishaps can happen anywhere at any time, including in Africa – which is why Sacos is here for you when it does happen.

Contact us for more information on the Travel Insurance – Africa plan at or on 429 5000, or you can visit us at any one of our branches.



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