Sacos offers peace of mind for the small business entrepreneur at the ESA Expo

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On Wednesday 21st August, Sacos participated in the ESA expo and exhibition, offering a special package tailored for businesses registered under ESA. The package consisted of various insurances that cater for any eventuality that a business might face in the unforeseeable future. These included Employers liability, loss of profit, Personal accident cover and so much more.

During the expo the Sacos sales team had the opportunity to interact with some of the more prominent local Small business entrepreneurs such as Mr. Mustafa Bristol and Mrs. Johanna Didon. During Mr. Bristol’s deliberation, he clearly pointed out that businesses face many challenges. Whilst this is the case, Sacos’ policies provide a safety net to mitigate some of the risks associated with businesses. “Sacos supports ESA’s mission to instigate Seychelles business environment by protecting the investments of our entrepreneurs” said  Mrs. Brigitte Appo, Head of Sales.

The event also provided an avenue for Sacos to market and educate the general public about its products and its numerous benefits. Many people were very interested by Sacos’s life insurance plans and housing insurance.

Sacos wishes all entrepreneurs, a happy entrepreneur month and to never give up the fight, as nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

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