Travelling this weekend? Don’t forget your travel insurance!


One of my friend had all her luggage packed and was ready and waiting for her flight the next morning. We sat together and made a checklist to go through of all the thing’s she’d need.

Are you sure you got everything?” I asked for the 5th time. “Yup, everything is packed!“, she said, going through her handbag one more time. “Passport, bank cards, ticket, cash… have I missed anything?” “Yes!“ I replied, “Travel insurance!

She paused.

 “Do you think I need travel insurance?

This is a question a lot of us ask ourselves when we are about to travel: Do I need travel insurance? The simple truth is yes, you do. 

Travel insurance is security you cannot afford to be without; too many people have gotten in trouble because a lack of, to not make this statement true.

The reality is even the best-laid plans often get derailed. Be it a delayed flight that has left you stranded, lost luggage, loss of passport, you name it. What do you do? Contact your travel insurance company!

You fall sick and need medical care or hospitalisation. Will your travel budget cater for it? You need emergency dental care, or emergency medical evacuation… What do you do? Contact your travel insurance company!

You or a family member unexpectedly get into a fatal accident. Who will take care of the repatriation expenses? Your travel insurance company!

We take care of all the nitty gritty details so you won’t have to, leaving you to enjoy your holidays or business travel worry free.

Don’t take the risk:

Call us on 429 5000 or visit any one of our branches!

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