Why choose us?

We could probably give you a bunch stats and figures, most of which would probably not make any sense or even matter to you. And while we are extremely proud of the strong fiscal year that we have had, we also like to celebrate our milestones.

For starters, Sacos will proudly celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2020: that in itself is a testament to how well-established a company, and a leader in the insurance sector we have become in Seychelles! After all, we have been in operation since 1980! With all these years of expertise in insurance under our belt, we have maintained a very strong position in the market and remain committed to offering market leading insurance solutions to both the private and business community of the country.

But more than that, what sets us apart from our competitors is simply the fact that we, as a company, care about our customers.

We have spent the better part of the last 1 & 1/2 years on an elaborate sensitisation campaign to make insurance knowledge more accessible to the general public. You may have noticed this from our campaigns, roadshows, blog and quizzes! We also introduced a new Client Relationship Management team to directly manage business clients.

In addition to revising our policies to be more competitive whilst giving you more out of your covers, we have also identified areas where insurance has been lacking, like our Student Travel Insurance Plan, in order to ensure that protective covers exist for any and all circumstances!

Do you think we have an insurance plan that might suit your need? Pay us a visit at our branches (Maison Esplanade – Victoria, Pension Complex –Baie St. Anne Praslin, Green Corner –Providence)  or call us on 429 5000 or send an email to info@sacos.sc.

Sacos… here for you

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