Is life insurance a must for a single parent?

Absolutely! Life insurance is good for everyone! But even more so when you are a single parent who do the work of two people tirelessly. Single parents do not have the luxury of knowing for sure that their children will be taken care of if something were to happen to them, therefore it is important that you provide a safety net for you and your kids – life insurance – to make sure your children are taken care of if you aren’t around.

Our advice is to make sure that this is one of the first thing you take care of before planning for anything else. It may sound like too much of a hassle or too much of an expense, but let’s face it, it’s not. And it most definitely outweighs the cost your children will incur if they are left on their own with no safety blanket.

If you have gone through a divorce and your former partner is not paying for child support, then you know that putting the onus on your ex-spouse to provide the monetary safety net your children may not be the best idea.If you have suffered the death of your spouse, you know all too well how important life insurance is in a family’s financial plan.

So why not drop us an email at or pay us a visit at our branches (Maison Esplanade – Victoria, Pension Complex –Baie St. Anne Praslin, Green Corner –Providence)  or call us on 429 5000? A life insurance policy that adequately covers your needs is exactly what you need to give you much needed peace of mind and at Sacos we’re here for you. 

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