Is your vehicle adequately insured?

For the majority of us, buying a car is a pretty big deal, and a lot of thought and research goes into choosing the ideal vehicle; we have to make sure that it looks good, that it is fuel efficient, that it is eco friendly, that it is powerful enough to go up the Seychelles’ mountains… And you would think that once you’ve actually bought the car and have the key in the ignition, that the decision making is done. But in really, you still have another big decision to make: Deciding on the right motor insurance!

The most common insurance that people opt for is third party cover, mostly because in their mind it is the cheapest one available. However, that decision could end up costing more than you expected in the long run.

You need to consider: How you drive. How long you have been driving for. Who will be driving your car. Will you be able to cover the cost of repairing your own vehicle should you get into an accident where you are at fault? Have you considered little extras like rental car reimbursement and windshield covers? In order to adequately protect yourself (and your car), you need to make sure that you get insurance coverage that matches who you are and how you drive, and allows you to have any damages repaired without you having to constantly be opening your wallet!

Not sure which motor insurance is best for you? Talk to one of our agents! Pay us a visit at our branches (Maison Esplanade – Victoria, Pension Complex –Baie St. Anne Praslin, Green Corner –Providence)  or call us on 429 5000 or send an email to


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