When was the last time you did a home inventory?

If we asked you right here and now to list everything you have in your house, would you be able to? Chances are you would miss out quite a few things! The truth is, most people own more things that they realise; it’s easy to remember the big stuff, like your flat screen, your laptops, your car! But what about your jewellery, or your very expensive bag collection?

If you’re wondering why we want to know, it’s because all of this is considered as personal property… you know, for insurance purposes. In the unfortunate event of your house being destroyed by a fire, or as the result of some disaster, having a list of the possessions that were in the house makes filing your claim a lot easier

Start developing a careful inventory of your personal property. List items you have, go through each room one by one and make a list. Keep said list somewhere safe. Keep any and all receipts on expensive purchases and remember, when you make new purchases, be sure to add them to your inventory!

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