Children’s Day: Save for their future via insurance!

Celebrate your child by purchasing an insurance plan for their future.

Here’s why you should consider an insurance plan:

Minimal risks

Insurance products meant for savings purpose is capital-guaranteed upon maturity accompanied with returns on a with-profits insurance savings plans.

Continuous savings even under unforeseen circumstances

One of your main concern as a parent is: “will my child still be able to go to university if something bad happens to me?”

The ‘anything bad’ refers to untimely demise or permanent disability. Using insurance as a savings plan will ensure your child’s education fund is not compromised as there is guaranteed payment of the sum insured to the beneficiary if anything bad happens to the parent!

At what age does my child have to be? 

You can purchase an insurance plan for your child as soon as they turn one year old! The younger the child is, the lower the premium, so ideally, the best time to start is as early on as you can!

Pay us a visit at one of our branches or call us on 429 5000 or send an email to and we can help you make a plan that is better suited to your child’s needs.

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