Sacos offers 15% Insurance Coverage to Small Businesses registered with Enterprise Seychelles Agency.

As any smart business owners know an Insurance Coverage is a must in this day and age, especially now in these unprecedented times. Sacos is giving small business owners that have registered with Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA) 15% discount on their purchase of the following policies:

§ Fire and Special Perils
§ Burglary
§ Employers Liability
§ Public Liability
§ Loss of Profit
§ Personal Accident
§ House Insurance

Many businesses occasionally turn to their insurance provider to bail them out of in the event of misfortunes and unfortunate situations. This is because business owners may face quite a hurdle to recover and rebuild after suffering from any heavy losses. The aftermath could also see impacts on the economy and families of workers affected, if the company is unable to continue with its operations in a short delay of time. By reverting on their insurance policy, their cashflow remains unaffected.

Managing an uninsured business is an unnecessary risk no business owner has to take, especially when Sacos is offering discounted insurance policies!

Register with ESA, then come discuss your insurance needs with one of our agents.

Pay us a visit at our branches (Maison Esplanade – Victoria, Pension Complex –Baie St. Anne Praslin, Green Corner –Providence) or call us on 429 5000. Alternatively you can send us an e-mail on

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