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The holiday period is the one time of the year where most people come together to exchange gifts, share good food and enjoy each other’s company. This year, however, looming economic anxieties and sporadic COVID-19 positive cases threaten to dampen traditional holiday festivities.

Businesses have always played a key role in igniting the spirit of Christmas in the country and this year it is important more than ever to keep this flame alive. Creative lights and decorations, interesting deals and promotions, and even an enticing end-of-year Sacos lottery.

Most businesses are currently in the process of building their stocks ahead of the festive period. One of the pressing concerns for their consumers right now is the rising cost of goods as a result of pressures on foreign exchange.

Sacos offers a simple solution for everyone this Christmas with the Marine Cargo Insurance:

  • Purchasing a local insurance products relieves some of the pressures on foreign exchange demand.
  • The Marine Cargo Insurance is affordable and will keep the cost of importing goods to a sustainable level.
  • Supporting local businesses helps to build the economic health of the nation.
  • Sacos Marine Cargo covers losses arising from physical damage to cargo and related liabilities whilst it is in transit by sea.
  • Sacos Marine Cargo can provide coverage for a single shipment or an open cover for the regular importers and exporters.
  • The Sacos Marine Cargo Insurance is flexible and offers three different options depending on the customers’ needs.

Today is the best time to take your Marine Cargo Insurance with us. Visit our website to request a quote from us or call us on 429 5000 or send an email to

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