Boost your home security and safety ahead of the festive holidays

While the festive holidays are supposed to be times of joy, great fun and relaxation, many homes are especially vulnerable to burglary and other forms of perils.

If you are concerned about your home security and safety, below are some useful tips to consider:

  1. Upgrade your security system

If you have a security system at home, make sure that your equipment functions properly. A low-res camera is about as useful as having no camera set-up at all so this might be the time to upgrade to a higher-res security system. You may also want to consider setting up both indoors and outdoors camera. While you’re at it, a smart home alarm system can easily keep you informed in real time of any break-in attempts.

2. Keep your lights on

With people away from their homes attending parties and late-night get-togethers, having lights on can minimise the risk of burglaries in your absence. Motion sensors are useful in deterring would-be burglars from your home as lights are activated when the sensors are tripped. Leaving on your christmas lights might also dissuade people from targetting your home, but you should consider the risks of fire, energy use and whether external lights are connected to internal sockets which may leave your windows at risk of being pried open.

3. Reinforce doors and windows

All windows should be burglar-proof regardless of the time of the year, but you may want to reinforce some of the security measures related to access points into your home. Most people focus on burglars bar for their windows, ignoring the fact that a lot of burglars gain access through the main/side doors. You should consider replacing worn-out door hinges and frames, upgrading security locks and substituting with more sturdy door material. Fixed burglars bars are good, but retractable bars for both doors and windows protect you from break-in attempts and facilitate exit in case of fire. (Quick tip: strategically-placed thorny shrubs and potted plants can make burglary harder).

4. Use Common Sense

Unfortunately, unsavoury characters out there will take advantage of your generosity and naivete. It’s important to practice good common sense around this time to ensure that your safety is your number one concern. Burglaries can happen in broad day light when we are inside our home. Consider keeping your doors and windows to rooms in other parts of the house locked when you are not using them. Lock your doors behind you if step outside for a short while, even when tendering your garden or putting out the trash. Do not leave strangers unattended by your open/unlocked door to go retrieve something from the house. While refusing someone a glass of water is not the way your parents raised you, trust your instincts if you feel something is not right – your safety is paramount. (If an unknown person comes to your door to sell you certain items, know that these may be stolen goods; you will be criminally liable even if you unknowingly purchased them).

5. Take out a Householders Policy

Despite your best actions, you may find yourself victim of a burglary. The Householder’s Policy provide financial compensation to homeowners in the event that they suffer loss or damage arising out of a burglary or other specified perils. The Content cover under the Householder’s Policy provides coverage against loss of personal items such as TVs, stereo equipment, laptops/tablets/computers etc. The Building cover under the Householder’s Policy provides coverage against damage to walls, doors, windows and other permanent fixtures, among others.

Keep yourself and your home secure and safe this Christmas! Call us today on 429 5000 for more information on the Householder’s Policy or send an email to or visit our website to request a quote.

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