Protect your Merchandise with the Sacos Marine Cargo Insurance

As a country reliant on imports, Marine Cargo Insurance is an integral part of business planning in Seychelles. The final sale price of most goods we find on the shelves already incorporate the insurance cost from the CIF value of the goods (Cost, Insurance, Freight).

Why is Marine Cargo Insurance important, you may ask?

Marine Cargo Insurance is important because it is designed to protect your goods in the event of loss and damage whilst in transit. Importing goods is a costly affair, especially during these economically turbulent times. As a business owner of a small to medium-sized enterprise, damage or loss to cargoes can affect the profitability and survival of your business. This means that Marine Cargo Insurance is literally designed to protect your bottom line.

There are only a few things that can be done to protect your cargo while in-transit. One of these is ensuring that the freight has been packaged properly to lessen the risk of damage to goods.

Nevertheless, there are many perils and liabilities to be concerned about. Rough seas can cause damage to items by tossing and jostling them around in the containers. 

What does Sacos has to offer?

The Sacos Marine Cargo Insurance covers losses arising from physical damage to cargo and related liabilities whilst it is in transit by sea. Sacos offers its clients three clauses which ranges from a wider coverage to a more basic insurance coverage.

While each clause vary on the details, the main purpose of the Sacos Marine Cargo Insurance is to protect you and your company from suffering revenue loss in the event of physical damage.

The Sacos Marine Cargo Insurance protects your cargo in the event of theft, fire, bad weather and other liabilities.

Protect your goods from the start of its transit to you. Get in touch with us by e-mailing or calling us on 4 295 000 to find out more about the Sacos Marine Cargo Insurance!

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