Insurance – the New Gift Trend of this 2020 Festive Season

Christmas celebrations in Seychelles, like most places, follow the tradition of exchanging gifts with family and friends. It is a special way of letting them know that they are loved, appreciated and in your thoughts.  

In the face of the uncertainties of health and life, especially in times of the ongoing pandemic, an important item that you should consider including on your gifts list is – Insurance.  

Can you think of a better time than now to ensure that your loved ones are protected? Consider spending some time assessing the insurance needs of your loved ones and gift them with an insurance product that will help them stay financially protected!  

Here are a few Insurance Products you need to include on your Gift List this Christmas:  

Life Insurance Plans: When thinking about life insurance, is important for you to ensure that not only are your loved ones protected, but it is equally important to make sure that their dependents are equally protected. With this in mind, you should consider gifting the person an insurance plan which can provide them with a financial safety net that will be able to cater to: the pursuit of education abroad, their marriage, or a house for the family. 

Public Liability Insurance:  Did your partner or child recently start their own business this year or last year? You may consider gifting that special someone a year’s worth of Public Liability Insurance. The Public Liability Insurance covers accidents on the business premises, including injury or loss happen to customers, visitors or others. These can lead to significant costs if the business is deemed responsible. If the owner is unable to meet these costs, it could also significantly impact the business’ bottom line as well as its reputation. With a Public Liability Insurance cover, the business can be protected financially during its infancy.

Full Comprehensive Motor (Private) Insurance: Honestly, what is a better gift than covering this year’s motor insurance for your child. You can help them to make the switch from Third Party to Full Comprehensive for the following year, which will enable them to receive the full protection guaranteed by the motor comprehensive insurance.

Householder’s Policy: Buying for your ageing parents can be hard. What can you give to someone who has worked hard for all they have most of their life? You’d be surprised to find that most people do not insure their homes either from lack of awareness or a general feeling like fire or break-ins will not happen to them because they are careful. As we know, these unfortunate incidents cannot be predicted. For this year, check if your parents homes are insured and gift them the value of one year’s householder’s insurance policy. This will cover fire, theft, floods and other types of perils to either their building or contents.

Health Insurance;  Pandemic, accidents, and lifestyle-related diseases. These are but a few common afflictions these days, and the expenses of treatment can burn quite the hole in a family’s financial health. By helping a loved one to purchase a Health Insurance, not only are you protecting them, but you may be considerably reducing their financial burden as well. Sacos Health Insurance policies have different tiers, and add great value to the life of the insured at affordable prices.  

Not sure which product to purchase? Our insurance experts are available to assist you in procuring the right choice! Simply call us today on 429 5000 for more information or send an email to

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