COVID-19 Safety Precautions

With COVID-19 currently spreading through the community, the public is being advised to undertake health and safety practices and to remain vigilant at all times.

Taking in consideration the advice of the Public Health Authority on COVID-19 prevention, here are a few tips for our esteemed customers:

1.      Masks should be worn at all times when out in public, especially where the 1m physical distance requirement cannot be met.

2.      Observe the 1m distance even if you are wearing a mask.

3.      Masks should be worn at all times if you engage with members of the public. If possible, place a protective screen between yourself and the clients you engage with.

4.      Masks should not be shared. Keep a clean, spare one in your bag or car in case you forget your mask at home.

5.      If disposable, masks should be worn once and immediately thrown away when no longer usable.

6.      If masks are reusable, masks should be worn once and washed thoroughly before reuse.

7.      When removing your masks, remove it by the straps (behind your ears) and limit contact with the front-facing part of the mask.

8.      Do not leave your mask lying around on commonly used surfaces once you have removed it.

9.      Keep surfaces at home and at work clean at all times, including desanitising the area on a daily basis.

10.   Limit the number of people within your premises at all times to ensure that the 1m physical distance requirement can be met. Avoid gathering with people outside of your social/home circle.

11.   Provide sanitiser dispensers at the front of your entrance for members of the public to use.

12.   Sanitise your hands before engaging with another person and after dealing with cash, documents, parcels or others received from someone else.

13.   Remove your work clothes once you arrive home and immediately place them in the laundry room.

14.   Wash your hands thoroughly with soap regularly and avoid touching your face at all times.

15.   Treat everyone, not in your immediate home circle, as if they could possibly have COVID-19 and maintain your distance, avoid handshake, greet-kissing or any physical touching.

Protect yourself and those around you. Wear a mask!

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