Stay safe by using our Online Payment Option

With the spread of the coronavirus in the community, Sacos has recently announced new measures to restrict the movement of the public within our premises.

Amongst those measures, we are strongly advising all our customers to make use of our online payment mechanism instead of coming in-person to effect such payments.

How does it work?

You can download JuiceByMCB or from your App Store to register for online payment.

You can pay your insurance premium or your rent at anytime and anywhere on the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) Juice mobile application if you are an MCB client by using Sacos’ Mobile Merchant Number:

  • Sacos Life2660966 (For Life premium & rent payment)
  • Sacos Group Limited2660967 (For general insurance premium payment)

Follow the steps below to pay Sacos:

1.      Select ‘Pay a Juice Merchant’.

2.      Type “Sacos” under ‘Search merchant’.

3.      Are you making a life insurance premium or Sacos rent payment? Select ‘Sacos Life Insurance’.

4.      Are you making a general insurance premium payment? Select ‘Sacos Group Limited’.

5.      Enter the amount to be paid, e.g. SCR500.

6.      Are you making an insurance premium payment? Enter the policy number of your insurance.

7.      Are you making a rent payment? Enter your full name.

If you are not a client of MCB, please consult our website to identify other payment options.

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