Why Householders Policy is especially important in January

January is commonly known for torrential rainfall and flash flooding in Seychelles and this year has not been much different. It is generally one of the most important months for homeowners with a Householders Policy.

Torrential rainfall and flash floods can cause damage to houses, walls and even vehicles on site. The force of the water can cause structural damage to the building, including carrying debris within the perimeter and inside the house. Heavy winds and storms can also cause fallen debris such as tree branches to damage the roof, walls and windows of the house Other damage can be caused by landslides and boulders crashing into the homes. Erosion can also weaken the foundation of the home, especially those built on stilts.

If you have a Householders Policy, your policy would cover damage to the building of your house, including roofs, walls, floors, windows and doors if you have the Building cover. Your policy would also cover damage resulting out of the flood to your furniture and other items if you have a Content cover.

If your house was recently damaged by flood or other debris from the torrential rainfall, contact Sacos to make a Claims for the damage caused.

If you do not have a Householders Policy, today is a good day to contact us (T: 429 5000 or E: claims@sacos.sc) or more information on the Householders.

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