How to pay your insurance premium remotely

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, we have been urging our clients to make use of remote systems to make their insurance premium payments.

Below is a quick guide on how you can pay your insurance premium remotely:

1. Internet Banking

Most banking institutions in Seychelles provide internet banking facilities. You can easily pay us by making an online transfer from your bank to ours. The Central Bank of Seychelles also provides a web platform for domestic online transaction through the SEFT system. Only make payments to our Nouvobanq account if using SEFT (learn more here).  For all our banking details, scan the QR Code displayed here.

2. Mobile Banking

Some banks in Seychelles provide mobile banking facilities through specially-designed apps. You can download JuicebyMCB or Absa Seychelles Mobile App on App Store or Google Play. Once you have followed the steps to register your account through the app, you can easily follow the steps in the links above to make your insurance premium payments to Sacos.

3. Bank Deposit

For those less trusting of online banking options, you can deposit your payment directly at any of our preferred banks. You can also visit your own bank to instruct the transfer to one of our accounts. Scan the QR Code displayed here for our account details. Alternatively, you can call us on 429 5008 or send a WhasApp message to (+248) 266 0950 to request our account details.

4. Standing Order

A number of our clients opt for a standing order to ensure that the monthly premium payment is deducted directly by your bank and deposited to one of our accounts on the due date. This option is only available for life insurance clients or Sacos tenants. For general insurance premium, use any of the above-mentioned facilities only.

Click here for Absa Seychelles Ltd Standing Instruction form

Click here for Seychelles Commercial Bank Standing Instruction form

Click here for Seychelles Credit Union Standing Instruction form

5. Salary Deduction

Similarly to standing orders, you can also instruct your employer to deduct the insurance premium directly from your monthly salary. This option is similarly only available for paying life insurance premiums or Sacos rents.

Click here to download and complete the Salary Transfer form

What details should you include when making the payments

Always remember to enter your details carefully when making payments, especially via online banking. For general insurance and life insurance premiums, you need to enter your insurance policy number. For Sacos rent, you need to enter your full names.

If you need more guidance, please call us on 429 5000 or send an email to

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