The Sacos Special Plan for that special someone

Looking for an ideal present for that special someone? Consider gifting your loved one the Sacos Special Plan this Valentine.

The Sacos Special Plan is a life insurance policy designed to pay a designated percentage of the sum assured during the course of the policy term, as well as the full sum assured upon maturity.

The policyholder receives a survival benefit of 25% of the sum assured every one-fifth of the term of the plan, which is non-deductible on the sum assured upon maturity.

What does this mean for your loved one? Well if you gifted them a SCR250,000 policy over a 25 year term, your loved one receives cash payments of SCR62,500 every five years and SCR250,000 at the end of the 25 years.

If this is a gift worthy of your valentine, request a quote on our website, send an email to or call us on 426 5000.

*Updated Notice to Sacos customers in view of the developing COVID-19 situation (13 January 2021)

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