Request a Life Insurance quote today

If you are still weighing over the benefits of life insurance plans for yourself and your family, simply take the plunge and reach out to us with your questions, concerns and interests.

Request a Quote:

You can go on our website to request a quote on any life insurance plans you are interested in. Simply fill in your name and details, click on the life insurance plan you wish to refer to and write your message in the box before clicking on Submit.

Email us with your concerns:

If you feel that a simple message will not sufficiently address some of the concerns you have or information you need, you can send us an email to or One of our staff will diligently respond to your queries.

Talk to us directly:

Sometimes, an email might not satisfactorily give you the answers that you are searching for, especially if you are not familiar with life insurance. Not to worry, call us on 429 50 39 or 429 50 00 and our dedicated staff will comprehensively guide you through our insurance plans. Feel free to ask any questions.

Talk to an Agent:

If you feel more comfortable to discuss your options with a dedicated life insurance agent, click here for the full details of our life insurance agents. They will provide you with a dedicated service and will take you through the whole process of choosing an insurance which is right for you.

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