Add Group Life Assurance to your corporate benefits

Giving Life Assurance benefits to your employees is a great way to implement a wellness culture in your organisation.

By providing your employees with a safety net, you can greatly reduce stress, boost peace of mind, and improve focus and productivity.

By offering your employees life insurance, you are telling them that they can direct their energy into being productive, because you have them covered if something were to happen.

If this is the first time you are hearing about this product, let us give you a summary of what it is:

The Sacos Group Assurance plan provides life cover on a yearly renewable basis, and covers are provided for all employees in case of Total and Permanent Disability or death in the scheme whilst in service.

Cover limits are based on individual salary (total payroll), with our current standard options being for either three or five times the annual salary. However, employers may customise in accordance with their requirements.

A Group Life Assurance is the perfect addition to any employee benefit program, and is just one of those things were everyone wins! You may also want to add the Sacos Funeral Insurance Plan, Group Health Insurance, Corporate Travel and Group Personal Accident to your list of perks and benefits.

Contact us today on 4 295 000 or send an e-mail to to receive a quote.

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