Promoting a healthy corporate culture in the workplace

Corporate culture is about the values, beliefs and principles of the workers in the organisation.

A good corporate culture is often defined as one with great leadership, thriving opportunities, effective communication, clear code of conduct, adaptability and diversity and teamwork.

There are of course different characteristics of the corporate culture, but an organisation lacking some of these features can be said to have a negative or toxic corporate culture.

How can organisations promote a healthy corporate culture?

The mental well-being of workers is an important part of a healthy corporate culture. There are many values, principles and belief systems that organisations can put in place to inculcate a healthy corporate culture.

1. Effective leadership

It’s important that management put in place a culture where workers under their supervision are nurtured and encouraged.

  • Provide encouraging feedback to staff.
  • Be clear in expectations and instructions.
  • Encourage others to contribute their ideas.
  • Listen and learn from others.
  • Offer opportunities for learning and growth.

2. A diverse and respectful work environment

A healthy workplace should have no tolerance for bullying, harassment and discrimination.

  • Promote diversity in the workplace.
  • Encourage fair treatment of others.
  • Provide equal opportunity for growth.
  • Be kind, courteous and polite to everyone at work.
  • Instill ownership of work activity and outcome.

3. Promote mental health wellness at work

Organisations can conduct activities to ensure the company culture is as mentally healthy as possible.

  • Adjust workplace policies to reduce stress.
  • Provide mental health tools and resources to support staff.
  • Promote mental health awareness and conversations.
  • Recognise warning signs and intervene.
  • Create and design a positive work space.

Having a healthy corporate culture helps to boost productivity and output. Why? Because it creates incentive for staff to perform and to remain in their jobs. A happy worker is one who views the company’s success as their own and helps contribute to that success.

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