Back-to-school special announcement: Have you set aside a little something for your children’s university?

Dear Parents,

This week, teachers nationwide welcome their eager (and not-so-eager), bright-eyed students back to the classroom. For you, it is no doubt a return to the morning chaos of drop-offs and sweaty afternoon pick-ups.

It would come as little surprise to us, therefore, if the distant future is currently far from your thoughts

So, allow us to provide a gentle reminder – have you set a little something aside for when your child reaches the age of university?

University tuition fees can be exceptionally high. You might hope thay your child benefits from a full or partial scholarship someday; but if that were not to be the case, have you figured out an alternative yet?

Thankfully, we do have a solution to propose to you- the Sacos Education Plan!

The Sacos Education Plan is a long term savings pla desigbed to assist parents with the cost of tuition fees…in the future.

Unlike a student loan whereby the payment starts from the time of disbursement, the Education Plan relies on a prepayment plan before the tuition fees are due.

You, therefore, benefit from paying in exactly what you need. And, if for a fortunate or unfortunate reason your child does not or were to opt out from attending university later in life, the full sum assured would still be disbursed to you as the policyholder.

On the other hand, should you unfortunately become incapable (death or permanently disabled) to pay your insurance before your time, your child would still benefit from the full sum assured when the policy matures.

The Sacos Education Plan is a protection against future debts for you and your child. It is a guarantee to them that their academic needs will be taken care of. It is the little something you set aside for their future.

For more information, contact us on 249 5000 or email or visit our website.

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