How do I know if my car is roadworthy?

Roadworthy usually means “in suitable operating condition or meeting accepted standards for safe driving on the road”. But how does a driver know if their car is truly roadworthy?

The Seychelles Road Transport Act states that a vehicle must be registered and licensed before being permitted to be driven on the road. 

You will only ever need to go through all four steps if this is your first car or you have purchased a new car. Roadworthiness is certified on an annual basis so steps 1, 3 and 4 will occur every year.

Step 1: Pass Certificate at the Vehicle Testing Station

The Vehicle Testing Station (VTS), located at Bois de Rose, performs the ultimate test to certify roadworthiness. Customers normally have to book a month in advance to secure an appointment given the high demand, with tests taking an average of 20 minutes to be completed.

At the end of the test, the VTS issues a Pass Certificate to the owner and stamps and signs the Vehicle Registration application form.

Step 2: Vehicle Registration

The registration process requires:

  • The vehicle registration application form be stamped and signed by an authorized Vehicle examiner at the VTS.
  • A registration fee of R100 and Levy according to the HS Code be paid.

Step 3: Vehicle Insurance

In order for a vehicle to be deemed safe to be driven on the road, the owner needs to ensure that they have a valid insurance policy for the vehicle. Owners can purchase their insurance at any one of the insurance companies based in Seychelles.

Sacos Insurance Group offers customers a range of motor insurance policies based on their needs or the nature of their business:

  • Private Motor Comprehensive Insurance – for private individuals covering the owners’ vehicles and third party damage.
  • Third Party Only – for private individuals covering only damage to third party vehicles.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft – for private individuals covering third party damage only, as well as fire and theft of the owners’ vehicles.
  • Motor Fleet Insurance – for commercial owners with a minimum of five vehicles.
  • Motor Traders Insurance – for motor dealers and repair garage owners.

Motor insurance are payable on an annual basis and the premium is dependent on the type and cc of the vehicle, amongst other factors.

Step 4: Road License

The vehicle license process requires:

  • A Pass Certificate from the Vehicle Testing Station (VTS); and,
  • A valid insurance policy for the vehicle.

A licence fee, payable annually, is applicable depending on the type and cc of the vehicle (Vehicle License – Seychelles Licensing Authority).

Text Box:    Vehicle License – Seychelles Licensing AuthorityVehicle License All vehicles used on a public road are required to have a vehicle license. This license is issue…

After all these steps have been concluded, you no doubt have a roadworthy car with you. You can ensure that your car stays this way be conducting regular servicing.

For more information on motor insurance, contact Sacos on 429 5000, send an email to or visit our website.


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